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Investor Relations

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Board Committees

We have established an audit committee, a remuneration committee and

a nomination committee in our Board of Directiors. The committees operate in

accordance with their respective terms of reference established by our Board

of Directors.

Audit Committee

Members : Mr. Kim Chan Su(chairman), Dr. Song Si Young and Mr. Jung Jong Chae

The primary dutles of the audit committee are to review and supervise the

financial reporting process and internal control system of our Group.

Remuneration Committee

Members: Dr. Song Si Young(chairman), Mr. Kim Chan Su and Mr. Cho Young Hoon

The primary duties of the remuneration committee are to evaluate and make

recommendations to our Board on the remuneration policies covering our

Directors and senior management of our Group.

Nomination Committee

Members: Mr. Kwak Jung Young(chairman), Dr. Song Si Young and Mr. Kim Chan Su

The primary duties of the nomination committee are to review and make proposals

with respect to the structure, size and composition of our Board, identify individuals

suitably qualified to become Board members and recommend to our Board as to

matters relating to appointment or re-appointment of Directors and succession

planning of our Board.